Saturday, 30 June 2007

Standing Nude

This afternoon I spent an amazing two hours in my studio, with a pieve of plywood about 3 feet tall, which I'd already primed, painting this standing nude.
I decided only to depict the right side of it, and I looked up mixing flesh tones in the colour book I'd been given for my birthday, and used the red and blue to mix the background, and from that, move into the flesh tone mix for the lightest areas.
Towards the end I used my fingers to smooth the skin areas, and I looked at the painting in a mirror a few times to check what I'd done.
Again, I'm amazed at how much I enjoyed the whole process, even the slow squaring up at the beguinning in charcoal. I'm now happy with the skin tones, and I want to look more at my next model to gaugue the colours on the shadows, instead of making them up.
I'm very happy with the head, right arm and left leg. I'm still rubbish at feet, because I'm avoiding them.


amy said...

hey, very nice piece but the outline of the body is too straight and angular!

Yellow said...

I agree Amy, the pose isn't as dynamic as the previous one. I also don't think the figure stands as solidly on the ground as the last one. I need more models in angular poses, making interesting forms with the body. I seem to be attracted to hunched, crouched, huddled forms. Maybe in 'defensive' positions.

Lisa said...

I love the light and shadow and the colors you've chosen. This is really great work.

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