Sunday, 1 July 2007

The funkiest little hotel in New Orleans

Lamothe House photograph
Lamothe House, blocking in
Some years ago my husband & I got the chance to visit New Orleans. Repeatedly. In fact we went 4 times in 3 years.
Anyway, I took some great photos, some in colour & some in black & white. I cam across them this morning while sorting through an old box, and was struck by the blues & pinks & greens.
So here's the start of a new painting. It'll probably end up quite impressionistic, but I don't want it to be too pretty. Actually, I have no idea how it'll turn out, as it already seems to have a life of it's own. I like the way the view is obscured, with trees, and shadows from trees. I wonder how it'll turn out?


amy said...

eh? i dont understand what painting are you going to do? of that one?

Lisa said...

I love the start of this -- more please!

Bill of Ballaugh said...

As Lisa says. More please!!

amy said...

when is uncle bill u here stef!

Scott Mattlin said...

Good Morning Yellow; Scott here-(Lisa's husband).

You do indeed have a good start here; and from my own experience, many changes will develop during the course of this piece.

I'm really wanting to comment on your last post of the "Standing Nude"; in that both the composition, and execution are outstanding! You HAVE managed to "lose some edges", so that the figure is not entirely separate and outlined against that very dark background.

Although you've mentioned that you are "rubbish" when painting feet; in truth;........- I see that you are simply placing undue importance on their rendering.
T'were you simply to remember to try and paint them larger than you have been inclined to; and merely SUGGEST their shape;- you may find them no longer a problem:)

I would humbly offer any advice and suggestions that you might feel needed when painting the figure.Should you be unsure where to go with any of your figurative pieces, feel free to write at my personal email address.

I will look forward to seeing your completed version of "The funkiest hotel in New Orleans".
What a great title for a painting.
Perhaps you'd be kind enough to occassionally offer ideas for me to use when titling my own work?:)! After 22 years of trying to come up interesting titles;..I fear my own neural network may have several circuits ........unhinged:)
Cheers! -Scott

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