Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Negative spaces

Using a more detailed sketch of a tree I'm scribbling in the negative spaces again. It's good to look back through old sketch books and see what use I can make of something I did months or years ago.
I'm also reading The Neverending Story, as I watched the film with the kids recently and I picked up a copy of the book from a charity shop. I wish the book I have had this cover. Unfortunately it's just a montage of scenes from the film.


Casey Klahn said...

These are good pix, Steph. I saw that movie, I think. Peter Falk is the grandpa.

Lisa McShane said...

Very nice. And my kids loved that book. We read that again and again.

Yellow said...

Thanks Casey and Lisa. There's loads more in the book than in the film.

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