Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Live from a photo

18.10 18.10 This is the outline of a tonal study I'm doing. I'll update this entry as I go tonight, so this is a live entry. But, it's from the photo of my dad, as in the earlier portrait in ink this week. Hence the title.

18.28 I have started laying in the five tones I pre-mixed. The exercise is one from the latest Artists & Illustrators Magazine, the first in a series in how to paint successful portraits.18.28

18.46 Stop. I should have 5 clear, strong tones, but I've ended up with 6, and they're too close.18.46 So I have re-mixed 5 tones, and now I'm going to scrape back most of this canvas so far and start afresh. It's all for the good, I promise.

19.15 Okay, time for a break. I think there's too much paint on here so I'm going to tonk it back a bit.19.15 EEuw, nose is a funny shape and the mouth is too high up. How did that happen!

19.38 Okay, there's some corrections, but it's not finished. But I can't see the wood for the trees so I'll put it to bed until tomorrow.19.38

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