Wednesday, 14 April 2010

self portrait in pencil

oooh, I'm in a grumpy mood today. A shouty, kick the washing-basket, screech in the kitchen and slump down on the floor kind of day. Hubby suggested I go out on my bike, or go out sketching til I need to get the kids, but I couldn't be bothered to drag myself out of the house. So I hunched down in a corner of the bedroom & drew this self-portrait. Grrrr!
Good news is, hubby has been installinig our new pc, because our old one was full and sluggish. Hmmm. Anyway, after drawing, I mentioned i needed to blog again, so he showed me how to log in (same way as the old one) how to to transfer photos onto it (same as before), and how to mess about with photos on it (ditto again). So now I can sit at our new super duper pc, and play around with adding favorites on google, cos it's lost my old list for some reason.
So now I'm not so grumpy, and this self=portrait makes me chuckle to look at it. Everything changes.

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