Monday, 19 April 2010

Everyday things

This is the view from my kitchen door into my back garden. It's a dull, drizzly day this morning, but at least my water butt will be re-filling after the last two fairly dry weeks. In addition to being a working mum and trying to be an artist to boot, I also garden a fair bit. In the front of the house is my vegetable and fruit garden, and in the back is this secluded, shady courtyard where I feed the birds, and sit and read, and enhance my calm!!!!!

The tin is one I painted when I was running a small business selling 'canal ware'. Oooh, it was about 18 years ago, and most of my family have bits and pieces left over from that endeavour. I called it 'Off the Barge' and it was fun attending craft markets and canal events in Manchester and the surrounding area. This is my tea caddy, full of whatever bog-standard bags I'm using. Coffee is for mornings, tea in the afternoon for me.

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