Sunday, 16 December 2007

Pledge for 2008

Banksy's Waterlillies
I'm going to try to be a 'greener' artist. I have some simple and obvious ideas about how to start doing this, but I would welcome any suggestions you may have.

My ideas so far are;

1. Collect paper and scraps for use in my art. But also to make into sketch books and journals, rather than buying new.

2. Put a felt tip pen-lid onto the end of pencil stumps so I can use every last bit of graphite.

3. Re-use canvas frames, covering them in linen from old bedding in charity shops (my Christmas pressie from my older sister will help with this).

That's all I have for you for the time being. As I said, I'd be interested in other suggestions you may have.


Chile said...

You have hit on a subject near and dear to my heart, even though I don't do much art any more. I used to do mosaic and then collage and assemblage. 95% of my materials were either found objects, scavenged, or used. I never paid retail for a single tile or pound of grout, frame, or paint.

My very first collage is so satisfying to look at and remember that I cut the glass myself from an old (read: wavy) piece of window. My favorite mosaic is covering a chunk of bleached cow bone leg I found in the desert.

Best wishes for green art!

amz said...

1. Collect paper and scraps for use in my art. But also to make into sketch books and journals, rather than buying new.

lol, says she after buying 2 on friday lmao

Eigon said...

I saw an article in Resurgence magazine, many years ago, about an artist living on a Greek island, who would use the brown paper that wrapped items from the village shop to paint his pictures, mostly of simple white houses on rocky hillsides.
This may not suit your style of art, but it certainly suited his.

Yellow said...

Chile; I collect objects from the beach and streets nearme. I'm quite a magpie, though living in Sunderland that's a dangerous thing to admit as Magpie is the nickname for our rival's football team whose colours are black & white. You've also reminded me that I like taking rubbings wherever I go, which is different againt to making a drawing or taking a photo. This made me think up ideas for future blogs, so I'm really gladnow that you dropped by and left a post.

Amz; who's side are you on? Stop dobbing me in when I'm trying toimpress my peers, okay! :)

Eigon; that sounds like a fantastic way to work. Though it's sad to read about artists without the funds to buy materials they need. I remember being asked what I'd want if I was stranded on a desert island and I asked for limitless paper. I reasoned that I could use burnt sticks, dyes from plants, blood and stones to make marks with, but I'd want something to draw and write on - hence I needed paper. I do want to experiment next year using pencils, inks and charcoal that I'm familiar with, but drawing on different materials, and textures. Maybe even fabric. After all, that's what a stretched canvas is, I suppose.

Thanks for the posts guys, you all get me thinking in new ways, which is always a good thing.

caseytoussaint said...

That's an excellent idea - I'm going to add it to my art goals. I love this illustration - it suits the post perfectly.

Yellow said...

Thanks Casey. Love your blog by the way. I've added a link so I can visit you regularly.

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