Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas Crafts

And they're invisible. Not really, only I've been making them for friends & family who also read this blog, so I can't post photos here.
I've been fabric-painting on cotton sweatshirts for the kids, characters from books mostly. And I've been framing drawings for my dad. My younger sister is about the only person with a bought gift this year, though that was bought from the craft shop attached to Sunderland Library, so there's love and thought behind that one too.


Mam said...

Bet your family will be over the moon! I haven't had time this year but I loved making gifts a couple of years back, it was really therapeutic in all the mad stress (and a bit of an adrenaline rush getting them finished!) Hazel xx

Yellow said...

I was stressed at the end of November working on the few gifts I'd had planned for ages. But this last week I've had the sewingbox out and have been making all kinds of creations on the spur of the moment, with help from my cool cousin Amy.
And, I have like minded friends and family, because those with a bought gift are now asking for hand-made instead. I'm thoroughtly enjoying it though.

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