Sunday, 30 December 2007

An Evening With Vincent

Working from reproductions of paintings in books, I did these two studies, using a black brush pen to achieve a range of lines. I was interested in the brush strokes Van Gogh used, though the one on the right, from 'A Portrait of an Actor', is less successful than the study of 'An Artist On His Way to Work' on the left.

I love Van Gogh's work, and I really want to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam again in 2008, without the kids this time.


Lisa said...

These studies are fantastic! I had to stop by and tell you that I visited the Van Gogh museum, maybe in 1988? Whenever it was, we were there over a weekend (I was living in Germany at the time) and after we got home, we found out that there was a break-in the day after we were there and an early version of The Potato Eaters was stolen! It was really strange to know that we'd seen paintings one day and they were stolen the next. I hope one day to go back there too -- oh, and I believe the works may actually have later been recovered, but I'm not sure. Happy New Year!

Jane Walker said...

Nice.... If you do come to the VG museum I would be delighted to meet you there and can get you in free... sometimes there are great temporary exhibitons there as well

Thanks for your comments on the nudes.. I think my english northener sense of humour is never very far away - I think we share a passion for Egon Shiele and Giacommetti - also just saw a huge Lucien Freud exhibition here in The Hague - great stuff but cannot see why any of those canvasses would fetch 17 million. World gone mad....

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