Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A nice suprise!

My wonderful hubby rung me a few weeks ago whilst he was working in London, sounding very excited, to say he'd visited an art store and had chosen some gifts which he thought I'd love. Being excited about Christmas, or anything else really, is most unlike my hubby in general, so I was curious to find out what he'd bought.

When Christmas day came, I could tell he was excited again as I unwrapped my parcels (taking turn with him and the kids, as is tradition for us), and I found he'd given me a great selection of quality pencils, inks and sketchbooks. I was delighted, and told him as much.

In addition, the kids had given a canvas bag for me to carry my art gear around in, with great big deep pockets to keep things safe, and hubby had also given me a very compact digital camera, as my SLR digital camera is very bulky and, as such, is left at home on most outings, which is a missed opportunity when I come across things I want to make a record of. He is so thoughtful, which I forget sometimes as he's not the most expressive of people. What a gem he is, and how he understands me.

My cousin Amy made me a teeny blue sock monkey, who's job it is now to look after my art bag at all times. I've called him Terry, after the chocolate oranges the kids and hubby got from Santa.

I also got a staple gun from my big sister, so I'm now armed and dangerous. She didn't buy me any elastoplasts or germolene, so they must think I can handle it.

My younger sister gave us a selection of family board games; a superb idea which I hope she'll continue in future years.

So I've spent Boxing Day drawing in my new journal, playing Buckaroo at my auntie & cousins house, and eating lots of cheese that smells like my hubby's feet whilst watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Gangan (my dad) arrives tomorrow, so there'll be more present-giving to be done. I hope you all had a great day and are enjoying this holiday as much as we are here in Roker.


Mam said...

Waves to Bill of Ballaugh, hope you're enjoying your second Christmas. He's missing some fab leftovers at Mel's, hey this blogging thing is weird we all know what everyone else is up to.... Hazel xx

Yellow said...

Ha Ha. I've just read Mel's blog about leftovers, and I love the look of the caremilized onion and turkey flan. I hope that's on the menu when I visit her next week.
Bill's not going hungry here though, with a Chinese Banquet with crispy goose pancakes last night, and a Admiral's fish, prawn and squid pie tonight.

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