Thursday, 23 October 2008

Trees #8

At the weekend I went shopping to a cheap stationary shop and picked up this new set of pastels. I'm squashing the urge to use every stick in the box, just picking the main tones, and laying them next to each other so I don't end up with a muddy mess.

This was painted at 2pm, another overcast afternoon, with a light wind catching the upper branches.
The next day I looked at this and decided to put a white wash of pastel over the background, and I think that was an improvement. I want to work over the top of this again, because I still don't think the canopy is strong enough. I like the way the building is looking through this wash, definitely a case of 'less is more'.
Another feature I like is the shape of the left-most branch merging with the green/black foliage. I like that solidity contracted against the lighter touch of the wind-brushed leaves top right.

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