Friday, 17 October 2008

Tree #2

tree #2 Same time, next day, and I'm back in the porch. This morning the sky behind is a pale apricot, and there's a definite purple tint in the dark leaves. I start adding the planting behind the tree, but leave it only as a suggestion. I love the blocks of colour made by the sky - fence - grass - path - road, working down the page.
I initially dotted on the foliage of the tree, like dabs of paint impressionist-style, but I found it too hard, so I smudged it, then added the side-lit leaves on the left, and I think I like it. In fact I love it. The sea is the wrong colour, the tree trunk is wrong and I don't know how to fix it, but I'm not going to loose sleep over that. I'm just amazed already about how much colour I'm seeing in a view I've glanced at every day for nearly 15 years, but have never taken the time to look at.


vivien said...

the right decision to go to pastel :>)

These are looking interesting and I love the idea of looking at the same trees repeatedly in changing lights :>) it's what I do at the coast.

Kurt Jackson did a series on a little ?hawthorn tree. He took his daughter to her ballet lesson and sketched this same tree every week while he waited to walk her home - a beautiful little series :>)

Bill of Ballaugh said...

I really can see the dawning light catching the left hand side of the tree. I really, really can ! (Surprise and delight with self!*!)

Yellow said...

Thanks Vivien. Kurt's work is really dark, and his Three Woods exhibition brings to mind the contemporary horror short stories I'm reading at the moment.
Bill (dad), glad you liked it.

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