Friday, 24 October 2008

Tree #9

This time I decided not to lay down the sky first, but to work on the foreground and background at the same time. I drew in the foliage, then filled in the gaps with sky. Then I filled in the gaps in the sky with more sky colours, then back to the foliage.

I completed the top half and took a break before tackling the bottom. That was when I decided to pick out the reds in the planting behind the fence. I went a bit wild with pinks and purples, but I'm happy with the contrast to the sky. That done, I needed to beef up the tree some more.
The muted greens and greys are still merging too much with the scruffy blues in the sky. Any ideas how to bring the tree forward from the sky? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

use darker colours on the tree? instead of similar ones to the background!


vivien said...

a mix of lost and found edges and half closing your eyes to see the bigger area of dark/light - at the moment the marks are pretty much same size

Also complementary colours - play up the yellow/orange parts of the foliage against the blue/mauve/grey of the sky and it will 'sing' against it :>)

Melanie Rimmer said...

I agree with Vivien's comments about the marks being the same size. The scale of the "wiggles" in the sky are the same scale and even shape as the "wiggles" in the tree. I dunno if it matters whether the sky wiggles are smaller or larger. Intuitively I'd say smaller wiggles would look further away. But bigger wiggles might look more cloud-y. Maybe it doesn't mattter. As long as they're different sizes and shapes than the tree wiggles it would probably work.

Yellow said...

Thanks guys. I especially like the suggestion about the scale of the marks. I think I'll do all three - darken the background of the tree and then emphasise the colour contrast while being aware of the marks I'm making. Thanks again

Chris Bolmeier said...


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