Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Focus on colour

This morning I decided to record the view from my porch of the trees across the road. I want to find out what kind of trees they are, but I'm getting off subject.

Working with my kid's cheapo felt tip pens I scribbled in the tree with the bushes behind, and the grey sky. I tried to blur it with water and a brush, but the ink wasn't moving, so I photo-shopped it slightly to mess it up a bit. It's not good, but I learnt something by just looking at the colours. Ed Terpening works in colour, and he's an inspiration. How he achieves what he does with no use of line, just patches of paint I would love to learn. So I've ordered myself a book on Amazon this morning called Colour and Light in Oils by Nicholas Verrall and Robin Capon, and I intend to work through it, alongside my Penshaw project, and try to banish my ignorance and fear of colour and my dependence on line.


Ed Terpening said...

Thanks fir the kind words!

There are so many theories of color. I would love to know what you think of the book you purchased recently. My favorites are "Gruppe on Color", "Henche on Color" and "Hawthorne on Painting".

Have you read Michael Chelsey Johnson's blog this week? He has a workshop with Lois Griffel, and her approach of layering complementary colors is interesting.

Chris Bolmeier said...

You always mention Ed Terpening, and with good reason. His loose style isn't the norm. I watched a video of Gruppe on Color...such a master. Nice blog post and once again your unique style shines with the trees you have painted for this blog post.

Yellow said...

Yeah, Ed, I'll let you know what I glean from that book when it arrives, and I'll make time to check out your suggestions too.
Ed is great, isn't he Chris! I feel like we're groupies of his. 'My unique style shines'!! Are you looking at the right post? I thought it sucked in most ways.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

There you go again Steph, running yourself down. Now these folks offering you compliments are not related. I can understand where you're coming from when you dismiss my opinions on your work. Even others would say 'He's her dad. He's bound to think she's good!' but these others have no axe to grind and are, to my mind, merely expressing a personal opinion of your stuff. So girl, accept the compliments with grace and humility and keep working until YOU are satisfied.

Yellow said...

Yes, Dad. Sorry, Dad. Sorry all you guys. Thank you.

learn chinese said...

Thanks for the kind words!

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