Tuesday, 15 July 2008


face 4 I am really enjoying this project which my Dad inadvertently set me. There's life in the old girl yet. I have mentioned before that it's almost impossible to draw the kids from life. I lie, my son is easier to catch than my daughter, as he'll sit playing on his Nintendo DS, or crouch on the computer chair defeating fantasy monsters online. He's even almost still when watching a good film. My daughter, on the other had, twitches and squirms whatever she's doing, unless she's asleep. I do draw them from photographs, but it's not the same.face 5 I used to draw my parents when I lived at home nearly 20 years ago. My Dad would be intent on the BBC 6 o'clock news, or reading the newspaper or a book. Likewise, when watching her chosen soap opera she was still - the rest of the time my mum would be in a frenzy of activity, always doing something.face 6 My husband would be a good subject to draw as he, also, will sit still whilst watching DVDs. He's very handsome when asleep, but I know he can hear the scratch of my pencil when he's trying to drift off. I'll have to wait five more minutes til he's snoring deeply, and draw him then.

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