Friday, 4 July 2008

I'm lost for words...

Chris Bolmeier has just granted me the Arte y Pico Blog Award. I'm lost for words, so here's what she said about me;
This young girl is a breath of fresh air. She loves to draw and right now involved in a Moleskine exchange. She loves sketching and her mark making is quite amazing and beautiful. She drew and washed a self portrait in the buff. Yellow wrote about the process of deciding to do this. Her observations and comments are very humorous so are the comments of her readers. She is from the U.K.

Now you can see why I'm gobsmacked.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

You're just like a 'real artist' (or has someone already called you that?)

vivien said...

well done! :>)

I keep meaning to ask you send me a link - I think you are very brave! I don't like looking that hard at me in a mirror!

Melanie Rimmer said...

Congratulations. The only person surprised by this is you.

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