Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Everyman #2

Everyman 2Down on Roker Beach I drew as many people as I could see. I was sat in a camp chair because sitting on the sane would have damaged my back, hunched over drawing while peering up at people. Added to that the sand flies, and you'll appreciate how I suffer for my art. Instead we took a picnic with us, and a selection of buckets and spades from our growing collection in the garage. The kids stripped and played with newly-made friends in the waves while I drew. I was careful to apply sun cream this time, after getting burnt forearms doing the previous everyman #1 drawing.
And I still want to do more of these. But I'd like some suggestions as to where I may take this project. Any ideas out there?


Bill of Ballaugh said...

These are great, Steph. How about repeating the exercise at the fair at Seaburn then use all of them to produce a large (XL) painting of 'Summer at the Seaside', or similar? Basically, I'm thinking of something with lots to look at but on a theme.

Yellow said...

Yes, I like the way they are not just random groupings of figures, but that they all have a common theme. I can't wait to draw on a rainy day, with hunched figures and umbrellas. On the high street people will have shopping bags. I'd also love to do a ridiculously long line of people in a bus queue looking bored with shopping bags and papers, or at the post office all holding papers and packages and clutching purses and bags. The theme, as in the bus queue, could decide the format of the drawing. Thanks for that idea.

Ed Terpening said...

I love these sketches. It's such fun, capturing the gesture of people quickly.

Yellow said...

Thanks Ed. I must do more. In fact, they were so much fun I felt guilty doing them. Like 'real' art should hurt somehow.

Chris Bolmeier said...

Your figure sketches are so beautifully simple and sensuous. What you said about feeling guilty, that art is supposed to hurt, tells me you are comfortable in your own skin and relaxed about what you are doing. Fabulous! What you leave out is so powerful.

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