Tuesday, 6 May 2008

.... and more people

digging in the sand
donky stall
In June this year we're going on a family holiday in the sun with my in-laws and extended family on that side. The island we'll be on has no galleries or museums or the like, and I was wondering what I'd get up to art-wise. Now I think I'll be people watching a lot while I'm there.


ilex said...

Love the little crouching gardener. Nice knees.

Yellow said...

Thanks Ilex. My own knees aren't as aesthetically pleasing.

Gesa said...

uhuh... sounds like an excellent plan... not dissimilar to mine for the summer (amongst plenty others, as per usual). btw: just unpacked my fabulous japanese album and cannae wait to get started :) hope you're well!

Yellow said...

Gesa, that's great. I'll be mailing soon about the Moleskine swap. I can't wait to get started either.

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