Thursday, 8 May 2008

... all are welcome

skinny girl
woman carrying a child
It would be fun to fill a large page with dozens and dozens of people, not sticking tightly to perspective, but just jostling with each other as I see fit.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

I'm really getting into these sketches and I like your idea of filling the page with them. The bits that are striking me are:- 'carrying a child'-the weight down through the right let; 'digging in the sand' - the child; 'donkey stall' - the donkey; 'mother and child' - tilt of mother's head; 'bending over' - the tilt to the right and the weight down the right leg. Does that all make sense? Anyway, that's the bits that get me.

Yellow said...

Thanks dad. I wasn't sure if they'd be too rough and ready for you.

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