Saturday, 15 November 2008

No colour here

Only the lines of the bare branches across the road from my house. I spent an hour crouched on a folding chair in the cold drawing these with a dip pen in b;ack Quink ink on watercolour paper. Here's a tip; if you turn your drawing pad round so that the spiral-bound side is windward then you don't keep getting your pages blown open. I just wish someone had told me that sooner.

These are the kind of drawings I'll never be able to look at without being there again in the cold wind wearing an itchy scarf, with traffic rushing past behind me and the sun going down on my right.


Gesa said...

Yes - I agree. That's the marks you only get with freezing hands, blown over paper etc. It's good to remember that: some immediacy only comes from being outside (and not thinking about it, constructing it or working from memory).

Yellow said...

Yes, that's the feeling exactly. My sister commented that she thought Gauguin was a genius. Not because of what he created, but that he thought to move from draughty, rainy Paris to paint en plein air in the warmth of Tahiti. Clever man.

Gesa said...

hahaha... very good point. But i do admire Bonnard who manages to get all that colour and warmth into what was indeed a rather shabby French apartment

Brian McGurgan said...

These are great. I especially like the vertical one - those stark lines are rich with character.

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