Thursday, 4 September 2008

Domesic Goddess

kitchen benchI'm home from our holidays and I'm back at work, the kids are back to school and it's time to get back into painting. I had no idea that it is the routine I have at home that allows me time for my art. While travelling with the kids, visiting family, day trips and picnics there's been little if no time to myself and for drawing or painting. I thought it would be otherwise, I imagined afternoons sketching while the children played, but we had a full calender and the five weeks have flown past.

I've had a fantastic time and I have great plans for our summer break next year.

BUT, it's time to get back into my routines at home, and to dust off the drawing table.

What's to come? Well, I've been working in the Moleskine exchange books, I want to make notes about the exhibitions I've been visiting over the summer, and I'm determined to resume daily drawing and painting. I've enjoyed the break from it all, but goodness - it's good to be back.


vivien said...

welcome back :>)

Gesa said...

welcome back! not been back home long myself, and a week full of full-on work is almost over... am looking forward to art on my counter this weekend... i think it'll be the much neglected found papers project :)

Yellow said...

Thanks guys. Time to get out the camera and start photographing those Moleys.

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