Saturday, 7 July 2007

Scrap sketchbook

During June I pledged not to buy anything new, except food & drink, just to cut down on my consumer habit to help save the planet etc...Anyway, it's started to change the way I do things, and I've made myself two sketch books from scrap paper. One is all watercolour paper, which I've cut square and glued inside a stiff card cover for protection in my bag and held closed with a bulldog clip my dad must have got me from his old school years ago (thanks dad).

The other is just oddments of paper which I've punched holes in, and secured with a modified old A4 ring binder which was in the bin. In WH Smiths a small sketch book is anything from £3 to £6, so I've saved some money (which will be spent instead on either oil paints or red wine) and I've also helped to save the planet in a small way.

I intend to keep at least one of these sketch books in my bag at all times, along with half a dozen pencil stubs, which again nearly got binned. Hopefully I'll start sketching on the bus, at my desk, and at other odd moments while other things in my life give me a chance to pause for a few minutes.

Today I spent the morning with my little girl, while hubby & son went to the Barbers. I took my scrap sketch book, and drew our house whilst waiting for the bus, and the park on the way home while she had a snooze in a friend's buggy (thanks mate). I suppose sketching is like practicing a musical instrument. The piece isn't like a polished performance in itself, but each time I'm concentrating on a different aspect of drawing, or playing. Unlike practicing playing, when I sketch I can look back at what I've done, what I've learnt & how I've progressed.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

May I quickly point out to your readers/viewers that the material gained from school was taken during modernisation and rebuilding AND with the full permission of the head.
Looking forward to seeing you, and your work, later in the week

Lisa said...

Glad that Bill of Ballaugh cleared up the issue about the materials from school, although I was enjoying the idea of Bill as Fagin and Yellow as the Artful Dodger ;)

Great idea with the recycling and you've inspired me to do the same with my printed bond paper. I tend to write on the backs and make notes for work, but I think if I were to gather the paper together into something more like a notebook I'd make better use of more of it. Every little bit helps! You sketch beautifully -- looking forward to more images of your work.

By the way, is the Ballaugh from Bill of Ballaugh the place on the Isle of Man?

Rodrigo said...

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Bill of Ballaugh said...

To Lisa - the Ballaugh referred to is a shortened, local, form of Ballaghbehy (the Way by the Beeches) and is in west Limerick, on the Limerick/Kerry border.

Lisa said...

Bill, I'm so glad you told me. I had you pictured in the entirely wrong country! I know it's not right to admire someone without any information or regard to politics, but now when I think of Ireland I think of that lovely lady President Mary McAleese. I think that's your second woman president, isn't it? I lived in Ipswich in the UK for a couple of years many years ago and always regretted that I never got to Ireland. What a beautiful place.

Yellow said...

Your descriptions of dad and I as those two made me laugh out loud. I'm flattered, in fact, and maybe dad is too! But he was right to set the record straight.

Ireland is the most magical, beautiful place, and luckily I'm heading over there in August.

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