Thursday, 19 November 2009

If in doubt....

Self Portraits are my default position. I have lost count of how many I've done just since I started this blog, let alone in my lifetime, but if you click on the 'self portrait' label at the bottom of this post it'll give you some idea.
This is a piece I started over a year ago, and yesterday I worked on the bottom-left corner in soft pastels. I only used a golden yellow, a greenish blue (peacock almost), a dark pinky-red and a creamy white.
It's still wrong - the nose it too wide, and just wrong with the shading of the bulge looking like a second set of nostrils, and the chin ends too low down. But I like the open mouth, the expression it adds.
I want to keep the top-right as pencil and not work over it, but I'm not dure how to move from colour back into black and white. Conte crayon would work, but that's a 'safe' medium for me. Oooh, maybe collage. But I need to correct the pastel area before I'll feel happy to move on.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Talk to me about the idea behind this one. I can see it has four different quadrants. Are they going to be in different media?

I admire your dedication to self-portraiture. I hate doing them, and hate the way they look when I am done. My own face is always a convenient model, but I'd rather paint used tea-bags than stare at my own face for hours only to produce something I consider ugly.

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Anonymous said...

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