Friday, 4 April 2008

Fluffy blue skies

Here are some of the quick, and I mean less than a minute each, sketches I did of the clouds over the kids school yesterday.

I'm off work today because my daughter has vomited last night and this morning too. She's pretty okay in herself, but I can't send her to the childminder's or nursery after two bouts.

I'm reading more about lino printing, and getting ideas for some pyracantha prints.


Todd Camplin said...

Now this is truely great drawings. Great mannerism and movement of line.

Lor Lor said...

Hi Yellow
I agree with what Todd has just said, they remind me of studies Turner did in his sketch books. By the way I've just bought a japanese moleskine, it was the last one in the shop, so I think it was fate. We just need a few folk to join us and we're away! I'm going to ask an Austrailian lady who has left a comment on my blog, so heres hoping.

isabel said...

Yellow I think the comment from 'zololkis' might be dodgy. I got a security warning on my computer when I clicked on it.

Yellow said...

Todd, thanks. I really got a different feeling doing them from when I usually sketch stuff. It felt right, if that makes any sense.
LorLor, I ordered one from a bookshop last week so am waiting for the call to say it's arrived.
Isabel, thanks for the heads up. It's gone now. Hope it didn't do any lasting damage to your pc.

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