Wednesday, 13 February 2008

No room to swing a cat

My studio space in the garage at home. We are lucky enough to have a double garage, so hubby's car is in one side, my car is outside, and my art gear is in the other side.
But, it's a mess, and it's too full of stuff so I have to move things in order to work on other things. It's also used as a storage space for our camping gear, and large kids toys, spare clothes, bags of LPs, ......... You get the idea.
Well, now I'm having a clear out, Flylady-style. In a nut shell, that means 15 minutes a time.
Today I've binned a load of ripped cardboard boxes, and bagged baby toys to drop off at a charity shop, and I've offered our old travel cot on the NCT e-group I belong to.
All of this is to make more room so that I can fit in the new easel my dad has bought me (yet to be delivered - excitement mounting) and so that I have room to be working on more than one piece at any one time. I currently have 5 tables, ranging from a huge old coffee table, to a spare dining table, a school desk, and a small computer desk, and I don't want to get rid of any of these. I just need to get the space organised.
So, I'm not painting at the moment as I have other demands on my time and mind, but I am still pottering in the studio, 15 minutes at a time, with an eye to the future.


Ed Terpening said...

I paint in the garage too. Someday, a real studio! Something to look forward to. At least it's nice and quite, I just wish I could control the temperature.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

.... I've just discovered
Fly Lady and been doing what you've been doing, having a blitz, tho' our garage is unsuitable to paint in.

I've just started painting again, (upstairs room with north light) and have posted first random sketch and process. All the best with yours!

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