Thursday, 26 April 2007

Loosen up, girl!

child in charcoal April 07
That's what my arty cousin said to me this morning. She's also told me a I have to work bigger. So I've dragged out a wedge of A2 cartridge paper and set to it on the kitchen table. I worked on the same image in ink - "Steph, your hand is way too stiff, draw with the whole arm, yeah that's better already see", in marker pen - "Yeah, that's betteer see, are you drawing that upside down cos it works", and finally in charcoal - at which point I was shouting for her to come in and look at what I was doing because I was getting QUITE EXCITED AT THIS POINT.


amy said...

brilliant, just got back from bingo n someone has been stabbed int he kneck the square behind us!

Yellow said...

Thanks mate. And watch yourself on an evening. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hey nah im fine they were fighting loasds it was personal!

Susie said...

You have quite the great collection of artwork. I really enjoy this last piece...doing charcoal drawings with a lot of energy is so much fun! Bravo!

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