Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I've made a start

Okay, deep breath.

I've made a start, drawing again after a break of about 10 years.
That's me on the left, at the Cropredy Festival I go to each year.
Anyway, I've recently been trying to identify what makes me ME. And being artistically inclined generally is a biggie. So about a month ago I had a day to myself, so I took the plunge and headed to our local library to take a fresh look at what artists press my buttons.
I found that I still love Giacometti.
And that I have a lot in common with Lowry (who I never used to rate much). And so started my sketch book -as if I were an art student again, recording my influences etc.
As I'm working in isolation, as I'm not an art student, and I don't belong to any art club, I hope this blog will put me in touch with others who can suggest other directions for me & give me some honest feedback as I go along.
I need to get the scanner hooked up, so i can show my sketches, work in progress, etc. i also need to get organised with my digital camera.
As I have neither at present, you'll have to make do with a photo of me, going banana's at around midnight in a field in Banbury.


amy (cousin) said...


righteo get that scanner hooked up tonight and gte those sketches on here asap!

much love amy xx

Mintscum said...

Thanks for the encouragement Amy & thanks for helping me with the tracing paper & iron this afternoon.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Hi Steph, welcome to the blogosphere. I'm looking forward to seeing your sketches and finished artworks here.

Nic said...

Wonderful that you've started again! And Giacometti is inspiration indeed! Thanks for your comments on my blog and if you don't mind, I'd like to put your blog link on mine.

Keep arting! :-)

Yellow said...

Hiya Nic. I'll add you too, mate.

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