Friday, 16 October 2009

The Venus of Roker

Only this wasn't made in Roker, it was made at my sister's studio in Poynton. It was intended to be a 'Venus' though, in as much as I was playing around with making small forms in clay, loosely based on male and female body parts; bellys, belly-buttons, breasts, bottoms, curves in the lower back, necks and shoulders. This is one of about a dozen I made over three days, roughly 7" tall and, as yet, is unfired.
I'm visiting Melanie again soon, and I hope I'll be able to get them all fired, and think about what finished surface this should have.


vivien said...

these look really interesting

and congrats on the featured letter/prize in the Artist and Illustrators! I did a double take when I recognised the name :>)

Yellow said...

Wow, I'm chuffed someone saw it without my telling them it was there. That's my 4 square inches of fame.
I think I'm going to draw these forms and see what comes out of the drawings.

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