Tuesday, 27 January 2009


It's something I lack. I'm not a slacker, it's just I get distracted easily, and never find/make the time to follow projects through. So this year I want to get my butt in gear with regards to art.

I have a number of threads I'd like to follow but, to start with, I'm setting myself a small, attainable goal, rather than making a huge list and getting overawed by a mammoth task.
So, here is the list -

2009 list #1That should keep me busy for a week or so, and I'm going to set up my art stuff on the kitchen table, as retreating to the garage in this cold weather is not going to be an option.

Other smaller tasks in between time -

Read Casey's Pastel entry on plastic colour - why doesn't he use green in trees?

Read through the Art Calender post on overcoming the fear of the blank canvas, to identify what my sticking points are.

Catch up on the other artist's blogs I follow.


Brian McGurgan said...

How are you coming with your list Steph? I'm always impressed and interested in this kind of stuff - greater discipline, bringing more rigor to the way we work, etc. I'm still coming up with lists of my own for the "new year" - it won't be so new by the time I get everything sorted out and underway. Best of luck on it!

Mam said...

Discipline? What's that then??!

Yellow said...

I thought discipline and a list would get me going, but I'm now lacking motivation, and makin excuses for not working.
Thanks Brian and Mam, your posts have been a proverbial kick up the backside.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Look here, Steph. There are far too many empty spaces on my wall for you to waste time navel gazing. Will you just pick up your brushes and get on with it?

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Look here, Steph, there are far too many empty spaces on my walls for you to waste time navel gazing so just pick up your brushes and get on with it.

ilex said...

Ah yes, motivation and her homely twin, follow-through. Perhaps adding the actual word "discipline" in all caps to the top of every list you write might work.

Then again, Have you tried unemployment? I highly recommend it; all the cool chicks are doing it. By golly, I've finished three knitting projects in two weeks. Filled out my dole paperwork today, too-- though admittedly, I was two weeks late on that- just had so much knitting to do...

Mam said...

Speaking of getting on with things, I need something to read! Blog again soon please (no pressure!)

Love H xx

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